Hi Welcome

Hello, my name is Charlie, originally from Arkansas moved to Colorado where I currently live. I’m a domestic violence survivor. I not only survived 1 but 2 marriages where they abused me, only difference between the two is one was a drinker and the other did pills. I had 2 wonderful beautiful kids by both of them my daughter who is 16 yrs old and my son who is 7 be 8 in August. I survived 13 yrs. of abuse all together. I moved around quite a bit with my sons’ dad because every time someone got to close to finding out what he did we had to move. The abuse finally stopped when we moved to Colorado. October 25, 2016 he kicked me so hard that he bruised my butt and he was arrested. I never felt this much freedom in a long time. Finally able to go and do things I wasn’t able to do. As the days gone by things happened, lost my kids to my mom because of the abuse we were taking. I got do depressed and turned to drugs after doing drugs for a while I made up my mind it was time to get clean so I did. October 26, 2017 I got away and got myself clean. Came December I was ready to join the real world and move forward in my life so I met a guy January 1, 2018 and took him to work January 6, 2018 on January 7, 2018 I started to work with him and met my best friend/boss. The company I was working for built foundation for new homes (I loved my job) by the end of February 2018 I was his dad’s personal care giver. I was taking care of his dad every day even when I was supposed to be off, I either called or I drove there to check on him. I took care of him so good his dad called me his daughter. Every day he told me he was going to take me to Cripple Creek (gambling town in Colorado) and the only thing I was to do was carry the suit case lol well we never made it to Cripple Creek On September 1, 2018 his dad passed away, I was heartbroken. My current man whom I have been with since January 1, 2018 has been very big part of getting me where I am able to walk with my head up and helping in realizing that life is something to be proud of and my driver who is my best friend and boss man had been a great support for me till this day if I need anything all I have to is call him and he will be there because he is only one call away superman ain’t got nothing on him. After his dad passed away I started riding motorcycles. I ride them for domestic violence victims as well as my best friend’s dad who also rode motorcycles before he passed away. My best friend is my driver who is always ready to go tells me that kick stands up at a certain time and be there or be square, and if I am not there he will bring me shirt back. I want to give thanks to the two people who if it wasn’t for them I don’t know where I would be at in my life. Leonard Martinez (my best friend) and Jason DeBraal (my boyfriend and best friend) Thank you for everything you have done for me and everything you stand for in life.