Favorite Past Time?

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by. First thing first the pictures are available for purchase. I have 4×6 for $1 for 1 and a 8×10 for $5 for 1 and for $10 I can make you a disc with the photos of your wish synced to music if you wish for any of these send me a message through the contact me form and we can take your order at that point.

On another note everyone has a favorite past time they just enjoy talking about so please lets hear them comment below and tell us what your favorite past time is. If you create and account and you comment your name will be put into a drawing and a Small gift basket will be the Prize of who’s name that is drawn. The last day to have your name entered into the drawing will be May 1, 2021 at 12 am MST the drawing will be May 2, 2021 at 12 pm MST (My Birthday) and announced at 4:34 PM MST (The time I was born). 1 entry per person and don’t worry I will be having more contest and drawings to come. Ok on to my favorite past time. My favorite past time is going camping by the river in Arkansas and watching the tourist try to canoe the Spring River in Mammoth Spring, AR. It was so funny they would flip and tip and lose ice chest full of beer and anything they didn’t have bungeed down in the canoe us kids would swim out to the center of the river and gather as many items as we could and bring it back to shore and if the people who lost the items didn’t claim them as they went by it was kept the adults of course got the free beer us kids got the sodas, we would cook beans on an open fire and have beans and cornbread one of the nights we were camping and as everyone got ready to go into their tents at night we would all say our good nights like they did on The Walton’s and it never failed someone would always start singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidth or 99 bottles of beer or there’s a hole in the bottom of the sea. Ok now its your turn remember if you want to be entered into the Drawing you must create an account. Have fun and good luck. UNICORNS ROX!!!

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