Question of the Day

We are talking about Birthday’s today reason being is today is May 2 my Birthday. With that being said what was you favorite thing over the years have you gotten for your Birthday? If you can’t choose or don’t have a favorite thing you can say your favorite memory of what your done for your Birthday?

My favorite thing I got was on my 16th birthday I got a tattoo of a single red rose on my left ankle and my belly button pierced and that was the day I took my driving part for my driver licenses and I passed. and my favorite memory was when I was 11 going on 12 I played for a softball team we had a game on my birthday and I was told I could have a sleep over so me thinking yea ok so I invited the whole softball team plus my friend so there was 12 girls on my softball team plus my best friend 13 girls plus me and my little sister and we kept my mom awake all night playing hide and seek and any games we could think of and one of the games was how many gum balls could we fit in our mouth and chew it that was amazing how many could be fit lol and parents started showing up around 6:30 am about the time we started getting tired. That was the last time we ever hosted sleep overs oops my bad little sister. On this post starting May 4th we will have another give away so from May 4th to June 3rd create an account and comment your favorite thing or memory and you will be entered into a drawing happening June 4th. So good luck everyone and remember to smile its your best feature and UNICORNS RULES!!!!

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