Question of the Day

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We are talking about Birthday’s today reason being is today is May 2 my Birthday. With that being said what was you favorite thing over the years have you gotten for your Birthday? If you can’t choose or don’t have a favorite thing you can say your favorite memory of what your done for your Birthday?

My favorite thing I got was on my 16th birthday I got a tattoo of a single red rose on my left ankle and my belly button pierced and that was the day I took my driving part for my driver licenses and I passed. and my favorite memory was when I was 11 going on 12 I played for a softball team we had a game on my birthday and I was told I could have a sleep over so me thinking yea ok so I invited the whole softball team plus my friend so there was 12 girls on my softball team plus my best friend 13 girls plus me and my little sister and we kept my mom awake all night playing hide and seek and any games we could think of and one of the games was how many gum balls could we fit in our mouth and chew it that was amazing how many could be fit lol and parents started showing up around 6:30 am about the time we started getting tired. That was the last time we ever hosted sleep overs oops my bad little sister. On this post starting May 4th we will have another give away so from May 4th to June 3rd create an account and comment your favorite thing or memory and you will be entered into a drawing happening June 4th. So good luck everyone and remember to smile its your best feature and UNICORNS RULES!!!!

Favorite Past Time?

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Hello everyone thanks for stopping by. First thing first the pictures are available for purchase. I have 4×6 for $1 for 1 and a 8×10 for $5 for 1 and for $10 I can make you a disc with the photos of your wish synced to music if you wish for any of these send me a message through the contact me form and we can take your order at that point.

On another note everyone has a favorite past time they just enjoy talking about so please lets hear them comment below and tell us what your favorite past time is. If you create and account and you comment your name will be put into a drawing and a Small gift basket will be the Prize of who’s name that is drawn. The last day to have your name entered into the drawing will be May 1, 2021 at 12 am MST the drawing will be May 2, 2021 at 12 pm MST (My Birthday) and announced at 4:34 PM MST (The time I was born). 1 entry per person and don’t worry I will be having more contest and drawings to come. Ok on to my favorite past time. My favorite past time is going camping by the river in Arkansas and watching the tourist try to canoe the Spring River in Mammoth Spring, AR. It was so funny they would flip and tip and lose ice chest full of beer and anything they didn’t have bungeed down in the canoe us kids would swim out to the center of the river and gather as many items as we could and bring it back to shore and if the people who lost the items didn’t claim them as they went by it was kept the adults of course got the free beer us kids got the sodas, we would cook beans on an open fire and have beans and cornbread one of the nights we were camping and as everyone got ready to go into their tents at night we would all say our good nights like they did on The Walton’s and it never failed someone would always start singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidth or 99 bottles of beer or there’s a hole in the bottom of the sea. Ok now its your turn remember if you want to be entered into the Drawing you must create an account. Have fun and good luck. UNICORNS ROX!!!

How to feel?

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The other day I was surfing the web and I came across this website and was looking at what they had and I showed someone an item that was on there and that person said “It’s cool, but you know how I feel about that” and it got me thinking ( I know, I know. Did it hurt? Yes, it did hurt to think LOL). What did I feel at the time and how it made me feel with what was said? Did I feel love, lifetime, or did I feel happiness? Well at that time I felt my heart drop and feel like an complete idiot for thinking that it meant the same thing to that person as it meant to me, it was heart breaking knowing that it didn’t mean anything to that person it was like it was just something that had no meaning, no planning , no anything it was empty. Then it got me thinking more and more about life and how it is supposed to turn out. When you feel like when you’re in a relationship and you think you know that person is the person you are suppose to spend the rest of your life with and go through this thing that people call life with that person no matter how many lemons life throws at the couple your supposed to pick those lemons up and hold on to them for the future and make orange juice out of them and make all the other relationships around you jealous. It’s not meant to be thrown back and say deal with it it’s your own problem figure out your own thing and leave me out of it. A relationship is between two people who love each other unconditionally, not a one-sided love. Now it is everything you have never thought of like “Why even try?” “Why keep the spirit alive inside you when the other person doesn’t want to?” “Why keep trying when the other person wants something that the other person doesn’t?” Someone once told me “Why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free?” I am now starting to understand what the person was saying. Why want something someone else doesn’t? Why bother with it? It’s like why keep trying when the other person wants to stay frozen in time and the other person wants to grow the relationship and they don’t meet eye to eye? The funny thing is that someone once told me that they couldn’t see the person going any further in a relationship and settling down to a long-term relationship. I am now beginning to see what they meant by that. Now comes the real question? Should I give up and move on or should I hold on to that rope and hope that it don’t break one day? I know things happen for a reason and there is a reason for everything but to keep trying to find that reason behind things and keep stuffing those lemons in my bra hoping that one day I can make that orange juice and have people wonder how it was done, because one day those lemons are going to go bad and start getting soft. A passionate attraction and desire that both should have towards one another is just a mere fatal attraction when it is one-sided. What is done can be undone, what can be, will be and what is done is done. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and always remember UNICORNS ROX!!!!!!!!